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Microsoft 365 allows users to work more securely from a single solution that encompasses productivity applications, collaboration tools, online meetings and device management all in one cost effective package.

Why Microsoft 365?

Defend Against Cyber threats
Protect Business Data
Manage your Devices

As the adoption of technology in both the workplace has accelerated rapidly, many different options for applications, systems and tools have emerged. Not only does this mean that users need to both learn and access multiple platforms to conduct their day to day activities, but also means cost control has become more cumbersome with multiple licensing types, models and payment periods to balance and ensure best value from. Microsoft 365 allow for a single ecosystem and licensing set, making costs predictable and scalable, and the user experience seamless.

This is especially important when it comes to remote and flexible working – staff are now expecting to be able to work from anywhere with no detriment to their technology experience, and there is no reason this shouldn’t be possible. Whether you’re already practicing remote working and want to make greater improvements or are just embarking on the journey, Microsoft 365 can help you reach you goals.

Top focus areas for modern businesses

Enabling Remote Work

Businesses now know that the working environment can change rapidly and with little notice. It’s imperative that business systems are able to cope with and adapt to this change.

Strengthening Security

Cybercrime is on the rise, and showing no signs of slowing down. Therefore, the importance of ensuring your environment is as secure as possible is now stronger than ever.

Reducing Costs

With technological growth can come complexity. Many businesses have adopted multiple systems as their needs have arisen, and this can lead to a complicated environment and compounded costs with less economies of scale.

Supporting Growth

As your business grows, you need a solution that can grow with it – predictably, flexibly and with the easiest possible method of onboarding new users as you employ them.

Benefits of Microsoft 365

Be More

Using both cloud-connected and cloud native apps, work with anyone in almost any location.


Communicate beyond the inbox with chat and video conferencing tools as well as email.



Protect your business information

Every business needs to be protected against malware, unauthorised access, accidental deletion and malicious activity. Accomplish this with Microsoft 365’s built in safeguarding tools.


Strengthen users’ identities even further using multi-factor authentication, without needing to purchase an additional platform.


Consolidate your fragmented software estate with a single fully-managed platform providing productivity applications, file storage and sharing, real-time collaboration and video conferencing.

Pay as you grow. Begin with the suite you need right now, and simply expand it as your business expands in a predictable and affordable way.

Microsoft 365 Security

Secure your devices

Ensure that every device in your estate is secure enough to handle your business’ precious data

Control which devices and users can access your information, how and when
Apply security policies to protect data on your devices
Keep business data within approved apps on portable devices
Remove your organisation’s data from lost or stolen devices with a clean and simple process

Protect Business Data

Restrict access to sensitive information

Enable encryption for sensitive emails
Block sharing of sensitive information such as credit card number and PINs
Utilise unlimited cloud archiving for ultimate piece of mind
Restrict sharing, saving and copying of business information to only your trusted apps

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