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AcademiaCARE is an extended warranty for your Apple device.

We sell three, four and even five years extended warranty.

This gives you peace of mind that your device will be cared for, for years down the line if anything goes wrong.

1. General

1.1. These terms apply to the provision of Hardware Service and Technical Support by us to you.

2. When coverage begins and ends

2.1. Your coverage commences from the date of invoice of your hardware.


2.2. Your coverage ends at 11:59pm on the last calendar day of the Covered Term, such a term defined by the Plan and Covered Equipment purchased.

3. What is covered

3.1. If you submit a valid claim, we will:

a) Repair defects at no charge using new or remanufactured parts;

b) Exchange the original product with a replacement product.


3.2. If we choose b), the original product will become our property and the replacement product becomes your property for the rest of the plan.

3.3. We will provide you with technical support which may be by telephone, e-mail or web-based technical resources. We will only provide technical support for the latest release of any version of the software.

4. What is not covered

Hardware service does not include: –


4.1. Installation, removal or disposal of Covered Equipment or Covered Equipment that is being serviced;


4.2. Damage caused by non-Covered Equipment, accident, misuse, fire or other external cause, operating the Covered Equipment otherwise than in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and/or servicing by unauthorised persons;


4.3. Covered Equipment where the serial number is damaged or defaced;


4.4. Cosmetic damage (including dents, scratched glass );


4.5. Preventative or similar maintenance;


4.6. Defects caused by wear and tear or use over time;


4.7. Battery inoperability after more than 1000 cycles;


4.8. Defects or damage caused during the return of Covered Equipment to Us;


4.9. Defects which pre-exist the purchase of the Plan;


4.10. Defects which are apparent within 14 days of purchase (when You should seek redress from the retailer from whom You purchased the Covered Equipment);


4.11. Any Excepted Service


Technical support does not include: –

4.12. Use of server-based applications;


4.13. Issues remediable by software upgrades;


4.14. Third party products causing software problems to Covered Equipment;


4.15. Damage to or loss of data and/or

5. How to obtain service or support

5.1. You may call our telephone helpline (0208 400 9444) or send an email to


5.2. Please have as much information about your problem (including the serial number of the covered equipment, your purchase order number, or our invoice number) to hand before you make contact with us to submit a claim.


5.3. Once we have received your repair request, we will use all reasonable endeavours to begin technical support within 4 to 8 working hours.


5.4. We employ fully certified Apple engineers whose expertise shall be applied to complete the provision of hardware service or technical support as soon as reasonably practicable.


5.5. We will use reasonable endeavours to keep you informed of our progress.

6. Hardware Service Options

6.1. Our service options are as follows:

a) You can mail or courier the covered equipment to us at Academia Ltd, Vision 25, 3 Electric Avenue, Innova Park, Enfield, EN3 7GD or we will arrange a free courier to collect from you if your unit is covered under the care programme, such a courier service to be limited to mainland UK addresses only at our discretion;

b) Where appropriate, we may seek to provide service through a remote support application, but this may depend on the nature of the problem, your internet connectivity and suitable ports on the covered equipment.

7. Your responsibilities

7.1. To obtain service or support, you must:

a) Provide us with details of your plan; including the serial number of the covered equipment, your purchase order number, or our invoice number;

b) Provide us with information about the nature of your problem;

c) Respond to requests for information;

d) Follow instructions that we give you;

e) Upgrade software to the latest version if we instruct you to do so (on the basis of our reasonable belief that such upgrade will provide a remedy to your problem);

f) Back-up software and data prior to the commencement of support in any form;

g) Return the covered equipment to us in original or equivalent packaging with any returns authorisation number that we give to you;

h) Have adequate internet connection and available ports to allow remote support application and;

i) Use and maintain the covered equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


7.2. To obtain service or support, you must NOT:

a) Abuse our staff either physically or verbally.

8. Limitation of Liability

8.1. (Whether or not you have told us about that purpose).


8.2. Our liability to you will not exceed the original price paid by you for the plan. We are not liable for loss of profits, loss of goodwill, loss of anticipated savings or any indirect or consequential loss.


8.3. We do not warrant that we will be able to repair or replace covered equipment without damage or risk to data and/or software and/or that the use or operation by you of the covered equipment will be continuous or error-free.


8.4. These limitations are agreed upon between the parties as being reasonable but shall not apply in respect of:

a) Fraud;

b) Death or personal injury arising from our negligence and/or;

c) To the extent otherwise statutorily limited or barred.


8.5. Your statutory rights as a consumer (if that is the case) are not affected.



9. Cancellation

9.1. You may cancel the plan whenever you wish but, you will not receive any refund of any monies paid by you.

10. No Transfer of Plan

10.1. You may not transfer the benefit of the plan to the purchaser of the covered equipment unless you have our prior written approval.

11. General Continued

11.1. We may assign and/or sub-contract our obligations to any third party.


11.2. We are not responsible for any failures or delays caused by factors beyond our control (including non-availability or delays in obtaining spare parts).


11.3. We are not responsible for any failures or delays caused by your failure to carry out preventative maintenance.


11.4. We are not obliged to provide hardware service or technical support if it would be illegal for us to do so (e.g. by virtue of your country of residence).


11.5. We may record calls from or to you for quality control or other reasons.


11.6. You agree that no information supplied by you is confidential or proprietary and consent to our processing all personal data supplied by you under the Data Protection Act 1998 and subsequent modifications to the Act thereof.


11.7. You agree that, in providing our services, we may use security or similar measures. Those measures may interfere with your data and/or software and or your use of the covered equipment.


11.8. We will respect the privacy of personal data supplied by you and only process it fairly under the Data Protection Act 1998.


11.9. These terms supersede any other terms proposed by you and reflect your and our entire agreement about its subject matter.


11.10. You can only purchase the Plan whilst covered equipment is under its manufacturer’s warranty.


11.11. No informal dispute resolution applies to these terms.


11.12. If any part/parts of these terms are invalid, that will not affect the validity of the remainder of these terms.


11.13. These terms are governed by English law. Any dispute in relation to these terms shall be heard before the courts of England and Wales.

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