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Woodland Academy Trust

Woodland Academy Trust are integrating Apple technology into every aspect of teaching and learning. Their students can now access the curriculum in a way that supports them individually and no student is left behind.

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Equipping ABRSM examiners with an iPad loaded with bespoke applications has led to a progressive workstyle with a wide range of benefits, including increased job satisfaction.


Middlesex University


How providing Mathematics students with a fully managed iPad solution is transforming student learning and support at Middlesex University. 

Leicester Medical School

Leicester Medical School were the first UK medical school to adopt a 1:1 student iPad programme at undergraduate level, an initiative that was launched back in 2013.

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University for the Creative Arts

How the University for the Creative Arts refreshes a large proportion of their Apple technology each year, helping to prepare students for the creative market.


Police Apprenticeship Scheme

How providing 4,000 Student Police Officers with a fully managed iPad solution is supporting a transformational change for policing. 


Talbot Heath School

Talbot Heath School is renowned both locally and further afield for not only their academic excellence, but their notable achievements in sports, music and arts.


Anson Primary School

Anson Primary School has a reputation for creativity in teaching and learning and the embedding of Apple technology across the curriculum.

Malton School

Malton School are a long established and inspiring school. They introduced the iPad to their students on a 1:1 basis and have experienced fantastic results in teaching and learning.

Coventry Uni

Coventry University has deployed over 1800 Apple MacBooks to students as part of their Technology Media Pack. This video explores how the Apple MacBook and the 1:1 model has transformed teaching and learning at Coventry University.

Portsmouth College

The iPad is central to the teaching and learning strategy at Portsmouth College. They wanted their students to be working harder and become more independent. After some thorough research they decided to introduce the iPad to teachers and students at the college. The results have been fantastic across many different areas at the College.

De Ferrers Academy

Lizzy’s story“Lizzy Bull is 14 years old and a student at The de Ferrers Academy. Lizzy has Glaucoma and Cataracts with a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis. These conditions have seriously affected Lizzie’s vision.
This video looks at the accessibility features of the iPad and how they have helped Lizzie push aside any learning barriers.”

Case Study 1 – “An Academy that has introduced the iPad on a 1:1 basis. The focus at the academy has always been on learning and the iPad has complemented this. Their initial guidelines were to provide quality resources, model student thinking and provide a good assessment mechanism. Five years on and these guidelines are still in place today. The Academy has recently been graded as “Outstanding”.”

Case Study 2 – “2 years into iPad 1:1 deployment: find out how iPad is enhancing the classroom at de Ferrers Academy.”

Case Study 3“Academia supports de Ferrers Academy with their 1:1 deployment.”

University of Westminster

Case Study 1“The University of Westminster introduced the iPad to their Faculty of Science and Technology in 2015. This video explores how their “Mobile learning project” has helped improve teaching and learning.”

Case Study 2“Watch how Academia supported the University of Westminster with their large scale 1:1 deployment of iPad devices.”

Sparsholt College

“A land-based College and University that offers a wide range of courses such as Animal studies and Veterinary Nursing, Motor Vehicle, and Horticulture. The College introduced Microsoft Surface Pro devices to their teaching staff and Microsoft Surface Go devices for their students to use. The Microsoft Surface devices have revolutionised teaching and learning at Sparsholt College.”

Highgate School

“Highgate School is a coeducational day school for pupils aged 3-18. The School invested in STM iPad cases to protect their 600 devices. They have experienced a significant reduction in damages since using the cases.”

iPad Event

Round-up video from our “Reaching all Learners with iPad” event“Academia invited school leaders to an inspirational event “Reaching all Learners with iPad”. The iPad has many built in accessibility features and we explored these and looked at how they could be used in the classroom to assist all learners.”

Dame Ellen Pinsent School

“A Special Needs Primary School that has introduced the iPad on a 1:1 basis. The iPad has provided the students with a flexible learning environment and provided some great successes in teaching and learning”

Cedar Lodge

“A Special Needs School that has introduced the iPad on a 1:1 basis and seen some fantastic results. The iPad has transformed teaching and learning at Cedar Lodge School.”

St Oliver Plunkett

“iPad is changing the landscape of teaching – watch this in practice and learn how iPad devices can help with teaching Science.”

Gumley House School

Gumley House School (Maths)“Using iPad in the classroom to help in the teaching of Maths.”

Gumley House School (Science)“Learn more about how iPad devices can motivate students to learn and transform teaching in Science.”

Gloucester Primary

“Integrating technology into the classroom to raise standards of learning.”

Robert Gordons College

“Watch the video to learn how Academia assisted Robert Gordons College to deploy the use of iPad in the classroom – reshaping learning to make it relevant to the modern working world.”

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