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Why Academia for Device Lifecycle
and ITAD Services

Device lifecycle expertise

If you’re thinking about getting new devices, wanting to make IT tasks easier, or trying to find affordable ways for employees to choose their technology like they do as consumers, we can help. Plus, we offer inlife support too.

Sustainable ITAD

Our in-house Lifecycle division based in Reading has nailed securing, recycling and reusing IT assets. Our customers can be confident that their end of life equipment is retired in the most sustainable way possible.

Device Lifecycle Solutions

Devices play a crucial role in establishing a connected, collaborative and productive work environment. Academia can help if you’re thinking about getting new devices, wanting to make IT tasks easier, or trying to find affordable ways for employees to choose their technology like they do as consumers.


IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services

Sustainable solutions for end-of-life IT equipment

& Data Focused
Zero landfill
deployment & disposal
CO₂ Report provided
High Security 
Data Erasure
Audit Trails
Financial return 
for your assets

How does ITAD work?


Assess re-usability and potential resale value


Collect assets and transfer ownership

Data wipe

Test, data wipe and provide certifications


Refurb, recycle & re-use in an eco-friendly way


Return financial value


CO2 impact report to show emissions savings

Client Portal

One stop shop for you to schedule and manage your assets

View all IT recycling documentation within a single window
See real time statuses of equipment collected for recycling
Search for historic assets and how they were processed
Review the environmental benefits for each recycling collection
Download data erasure certificates
Schedule recycling collections

What IT assets can we process?

Desktop, Laptops
& Tablets
Hard Drives
Servers and Storage
Phone Systems & Mobile Phones
Networking Equipment
Audio Visual Equipment

What are the benefits?

Lifecycle Approach

As a company supplying new IT hardware and support services, we are in a unique position to offer an all-encompassing solution, including a sustainable strategy for device lifecycle management.

Demonstrable Carbon Footprint Saving

By re-using assets rather than recycling them, we help to reduce the environmental impact associated with the manufacturing of new electronics. For each collection of IT equipment, we provide a comprehensive carbon-saving report as standard.

High Residual Values

We offer industry-leading financial returns for working and non-working IT equipment. This can be offset against the purchase of new devices or services, reducing your total cost of ownership.

Data Security & Compliance

We are a business accredited to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, our robust Information Security Management System provides complete duty of care from the collection of your used assets through to data destruction and certification. As part of our service, we use industry-leading sanitation software to ensure compliance.

Watch our video to see our ITAD services in action


We hold the following Exemptions, Licenses and Certifications across Academia the Technology Group.

ADISA Accredited with Distinction


ISO 27001

ISO 14001

ISO 9001

ISO 45001

Waste Exemption T11

Repair and Refurbish WEEE

Waste Exemption S2

Storage of Waste in a Secure Place

Waste Carrier License

We take sustainability seriously

Review & reduce

In recent years, concerns over climate change have led responsible organisations to review and reduce their carbon footprint but the focus on switching to renewable energy only goes part of the way to addressing the issue. One study suggests as much as 240KG of fossil fuels, 22KG of chemicals and 1500KG of water are used in the supply chain and production of a single computer.

Our goal by

Delivering the difference

When taking this into account with the potential to reduce the number of new devices manufactured outlined above, ITAD Lifecycle Services can deliver a real difference in the battle against carbon emissions. As a key intermediary in the IT asset lifecycle, we recognise that we have a duty of care to help minimise any environmental impact when assets are retired.

Zero waste in
our facility by

Planting more trees

For every asset that we process, we plant 1 tree. Our goal is to plant 10,000 trees per annum via our ITAD solutions, offsetting both the carbon footprint of our own operations and supporting our customers to recycle IT assets with minimal environmental impact.

Our goal by

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