With many options available for device protection for things like accidental damage, we are now also able to offer a solution that protects against the spread of harmful bacteria.

MAXCases have introduced a ‘first of its kind’ Antimicrobial case for mobile devices, which has been tested and approved by Standard Global Services (SGS) – the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

Keep your staff and students safe and maximise your health and safety protocols by adding the assurance of MAXProtec and Antimicrobial to select custom-fit MAXCases. Embedded during manufacturing, the 24/7 silver-ion biocide destroys 99% of bacteria and fungi, helping to create a healthier learning environment at home, school or anywhere in between.

The same Antimicrobial, which is used for medical devices, toys, sports equipment, bathroom products, kitchen utensils & more, is safe enough for contact with food. This in itself gives you an idea of how powerful the MAXCases Antimicrobial solution is.

So, to find out more about how to keep your staff and students safe from the spread of harmful bacteria, speak to us about MAXCases today.

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