Secure Charging Carts and Stations

LoxBox products have been designed with knowledge of the key challenges faced within the modern, multi-branded mobile environment. Their products are designed to ensure that users maximise their technology investment within its lifecycle.
See how LoxBox will change classroom device management for you.

Why Loxbox?

The Range

LoxBox carts have been designed for efficient use and to ensure the safety of the devices stored inside.

Soft racking slot system keep devices separate


360⁰ low access with top loading for ease of handling


Access doors that convert into shelving for flexible distribution


Small footprint occupies less floor space


Easy access for smart cable management

Additional shelving and storage for power plugs and transformers


Ventilated panels


UK or EU power, certified to CE, RoHs and BS 1363-2


LoxBox power management module to prevent circuit breaker issues and fusing

LoxBox 20/30/40

Capacity: 20/30/40 Notebooks and Tablets

Device Size: Up to 15.6″


Customise any of the charging carts with a custom RAL colour to suit you.

With over 200 colours to choose from and the option to add a custom logo, brand your cart for your business or school.

Customisation of the cart with a logo adds a higher level of security to your carts. Logos are permanent and can be applied in a variety of colours making your cart distinctive.

LoxBox AR

LoxBox carts have been designed for efficient use and to ensure the safety of the devices stored inside.

View the LoxBox charging carts in your office or school using AR on iOS devices.

Simply click on the button below and download the charging cart you would like to see in Augmented Reality. Your device will then prompt you to open the file in AR. Compatible with iOS devices only.
How to download and view AR files:
1. Scan the QR code or click the button below.
2. You will be taken to Dropbox, a login is not required. Click the (x) button.
3. Select the unit you want to preview.
4. Click download, a small window will pop up asking you to either ‘View’ or ‘Download’. Select ‘View’.
5. The AR file will begin loading. You will then have the option to view in AR or object mode.

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