Digital signage made for Education

What is TrilbyTV?

TrilbyTV is an innovative digital signage platform made for education. Allowing you to display the content that matters most to you, from bulletins to noticeboards and showcasing students work.

The system is easy to customize, and each display can be managed separately to maximise the impact of your content.

By using your existing displays, TrilbyTV can make digital signage affordable and convenient.

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Why TrilbyTV for education?

Your content on your screens


You will already be producing screen-worthy content in the classroom and beyond. TrilbyTV is a great place to share it alongside your institutions messaging and information. Upload from any device via the web app or the iPad app.

Unlimited Screens


You’ll love sharing and showcasing so TrilbyTV offers an unlimited screen subscription letting you connect to as many screens as you like. You can start with a one or two screen subscription and expand as needed.

Manage and schedule


TrilbyTV automatically refreshes your screens with the latest content you add, keeping your signage up-to-date. For more control, create playlists and set schedules so content displays where and when you need it to.

Familiar hardware


TrilbyTV can playback your content on all common devices. If you already have a TV screen, you probably already have a suitable player device. Visit the app store on the device and search for TrilbyTV Player.

Why buy from Academia?

With a long-standing relationship with TrilbyTV, our team are well-versed in the importance of digital signage in education. Our partnerships with the broad range of software and hardware brands means that we are already supporting our customers to fulfil their teaching requirements. Using TrilbyTV as your digital signage solution gives your staff and students the ability to showcase all the great work produced using the rest of your infrastructure.

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