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Trusted by three million educators, Showbie is the preferred learning platform designed to unify the foundational components of teaching and learning, from direct instruction and independent practice to personalised feedback and integrated assessment.


Showbie brings all the classroom essentials into one easy-to-use app, giving educators the flexibility to equitably engage every student in the way that suits them best, share better feedback faster and empower your entire community at every stage of the learning journey.


With Showbie, every teacher and every student has the opportunity to reach their potential, enabling you to realise your vision for learning on iPad and helping you maximise your technology investment.


See how Showbie can transform your teaching and learning today.

Teach using any file format and empower every student to demonstrate their learning in the way that works best for them.
  • Upload and share any file format including iWorks, Google and Microsoft files seamlessly, including EPUB, GarageBand, iMovie and even AR files.
  • Flexible annotation tools allow students to demonstrate learning in a way that works for them.
  • Flexible instruction with tailored student groups, adaptive learning tools, and collaborative whiteboarding.
Empower your entire community with transparent communication that makes learning visible and accessible.
  • Class-level Assignment Overview to track individual student progress at a glance and generate detailed reports on learning outcomes.
  • Parent Access Accounts and Student Portfolios provide timely access to student progress keeping families engaged and informed.
  • Auditor Accounts give school leaders visibility on student learning and support quality assurance and inspections.
Share personalised, contextual feedback and assess student understanding in real-time to tailor the learning journey for every student.
  • Record 30 minute voice notes for rich personalised feedback.
  • Quick Marking features empower you to efficiently and effectively personalise feedback to every student.
  • Integrated formative and summative assessments providing real-time insights and instant feedback.
Simple and secure digital learning tools for your entire learning community.
  • An Admin Dashboard and Analytics to optimise account management across a school or trust and provide visibility on class engagement.
  • A fully GDPR-compliant learning platform protecting student data and privacy.
  • Customer MDM configuration and accessible tools support equity and inclusion in the learning environment.

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Showbie Complete

Showbie Complete is your total digital learning platform combining Showbie, Socrative and Explain Everything into the best toolkit to personalise feedback, enhance collaboration and engagement and assess learning in real-time.

Digital learning app

Flexible digital annotation tools and verbal feedback features

Powerful teaching and learning tools supporting consistency in instruction, feedback and assessment

Rich communication tools to engage the entire learning community
Formative and summative assessments

Quiz and grade the speed of learning from any device

Prepare activities or send out on-the-fly questions

Generate detailed reports in real-time
Explain Everything
Collaborative whiteboard tool

Combine sketches, images, documents and videos onto an infinite canvas

Students can demonstrate their learning in creative ways from anywhere

Personalised Feedback – it’s easy!

Rachel Smith, Learning Specialist at Showbie and ex-teacher, shows you just how easy it is to provide individual, rich and personalised feedback to students.

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