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Today’s attacks target people, not just technology. Proofpoint offers complete multilayered protection that safeguards people and data from today’s biggest threats. Proofpoint is recognised as an innovation leader, and its people-centric approach to cybersecurity provides a unique solution that our customers can trust.

Mitigating human-based risks requires visibility, insight and control. Proofpoint’s four layers of detection give you unmatched protection that evolves at the speed of today’s threats.


Discover and remediate identity risks, clean up attack paths and safeguard vulnerable identities.


Block threats before they reach users’ inboxes with the industry’s most comprehensive defence-in-depth approach.


Address all the ways attackers impersonate your brand and the suppliers you trust. Protect against compromised suppliers and accounts and ensure that your email remains secure.

Email Data
Loss Risk

Protect data and cut data loss risk by 65%—even when users are careless or compromised. Defend data from external threats and users who accidentally send emails to the wrong person or with the wrong attachment.

State of the Phish

Proofpoint’s State of the Phish survey reveals that despite the focus on sophisticated cyberattacks, many individuals engage in risky behaviours, with 96% acknowledging the associated risks. The survey, based on 7,500 end users and 1,050 security professionals across 15 countries, highlights the critical role people play in cyber security, yet their vulnerability to scams and negligence.


The report offers insights into regional nuances and educates on the current threat landscape. It emphasises the need for individuals to prioritise security and suggests behaviour changes to mitigate ever-changing risks effectively.

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