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Trading-in is easy with the Education Learning Partnership



Buy a qualifying HP laptop or desktop for your school, college or academy from Academia.



Use HPs claim form to register your new HP device within 30 days of your purchase date.



Once your claim has been approved, we’ll email you within 2 working days with everything you need to trade-in your old laptop or desktop.

Is my device eligible for trade-in?

Your device sent must be in reasonable working condition (reasonable wear and tear is acceptable).

-It must be no more than 10 years old

-It must be able to power into either Windows or MacOS and be sent with its charging cable, battery (which allows the device to run under its own power for a minimum of 15 minutes) and any other accessories needed to power on the device.

  • HP 200 Series
  • HP 400 Series
  • HP Elite
  • HP Elite Dragonfly
  • HP Elite X2
  • HP Elitebook
  • HP Elitedesk
  • HP Eliteone
  • HP K12
  • HP Pro X2
  • HP ProBook
  • HP ProDesk
  • HP ProOne




After receiving your trade-in device – and as long as it meets the Terms of the promotion, HP will issue a £100 cash payment for each eligible device within 30 days.

Education Edition Devices

Products designed for learning

The Chromebook™ built for educators, and higher education

Master productivity with the HP Chromebook 14A G5, a 14″ diagonal Chromebook with the manageable, secure, and intuitive Chrome OS. The durable design is driven by the latest AMD processors, has future-ready, universal USB-C compatibility, and a choice of HD or FHD IPS panel.

The Powerful, affordably priced ProBook perfect for students

The reliable 14” HP ProBook 440 G7 offers essential features at an affordable price to every educational institution. Automatic security solutions, powerful performance, and long battery life help keep your students productive.

The Small Form Factor PC Reliable and ready for expansion

The education standard HP ProDesk 400 G7 is designed to fit the modern classroom. With its compact design it can easily be moved from desk to desk. Equipped with strong security features and performance that’s scalable to grow with the number of learners.

The value add PC performer


Experience powerful everyday PC performance and security in a stylish, petite package at an economical price point with the HP ProDesk 400 Desktop Mini. Get essential productivity, built-in security, and scalable flexibility everywhere you need a desktop.


Creating a sustainable future

HP’s Sustainable Impact strategy is to create lasting, positive change for the PLANET, the PEOPLE, and the COMMUNITIES where we live, work and do business. Academia is a key component of this strategy as together we can address global environmental challenges, empower more people to thrive, improve the vitality and resilience of our local communities and grow business opportunities.


With that being said… Academia are immensely proud to announce that we have been awarded 4 stars on HPs Partner Sustainable Impact Program!

The Sustainable Impact strategy to empower Academia to make a lasting positive change on planet, people and community:


Improve sustainability performance

Leverage HP’s Sustainable Impact work to create a more efficient, circular and low-carbon economy and support customers in enabling sustainable business


Engage and empower employees

Activate sustainability in the workplace while engaging and empowering our employees by accessing HP’s comprehensive sustainability trainings

Deliver community impact
Engage with and support HP education programs to enable better learning outcomes and address the digital divide


HP and Academia have enjoyed a long lasting partnership in providing innovative solutions for a wide range of customers from the finest content creators, through to educators, architects, musicians, scientists and engineers. We work with the leading software vendors to ensure that we provide the best user experience and that HP’s hardware and solutions provides a perfect platform. These solutions exceed industry standard tests to ensure reliability and performance. Along with HP’s market leading security features Academia are proud to partner with HP to provide the worlds most secure, reliable, mobile – yet powerful workstation, thin client and cloud based solutions.

Give your students a professional experience with HP Z Workstations

Secondary Education

HP Z Workstations deliver the performance your school needs to run professional engineering and digital media and entertainment applications at a price that’s right for a school budget. In both desktop and mobile systems, HP Z Workstations powered by Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Core™ processors are designed to be more reliable and longer lasting than PCs. They are built for the demands of educational labs.

Higher Education

HP Z Workstations have all the right stuff for your higher-education labs. In desktop and mobile systems, HP Z Workstations are built for professional applications, designed for easy setup and servicing, and sold at prices that make sense for educational budgets. While offering certification for popular software applications, HP Z Workstations powered by Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Core™ processors ship with a wide variety of features that bring real-world capabilities into your labs.

What Academia recommends for:

Edit Suites

HP Z6 G4 Workstation A future-proof powerhouse, you’ll have all the performance you need. Ideal for VFX and rendering, this workhorse offers a wide range of processing power and the flexibility to upgrade components over time.

HP Z8 G4 Workstation HP’s most powerful desktop workstation Top-of-the-line power to fuel those  who reimagine our world. When you need a workstation with the capability to run complex simulations, handle advanced Machine Learning algorithms and process huge amounts of data, the HP Z8 doesn’t disappoint.


HP Z2 Tower G4 Workstation Work faster with our most powerful entry workstation Experience server-grade power in a desktop with impressive expandability. Cut through complex BIM, rendering and visualization projects with ultra 3D pro graphics and the latest Intel® Core™ or Xeon® processors.

HP Z4 G4 Workstation HP’s best-selling performance workstation Perfect for engineering,  visualization and Machine Learning, HP’s most popular workstation delivers disruptive performance for a wide spectrum of applications. With a choice of Intel® Xeon® or Core™ X processors, and support for dual extreme graphics, you get all you need, nothing more.

The creative classroom of the future

HP ZCentral 4R Workstation Our most powerful 1U rack workstation. For the first time ever, get Z performance in a high-density 1U footprint. This slim powerhouse lets you pack more units—and power— into your data closet. Perfect for use with HP ZCentral, our single-source remote workstation solution frees power users to work from anywhere

HP Wolf Pro Security Edition 

Advanced protection right out of the box influenced by Zero Trust

A new breed of endpoint security
Cybercriminals are more sophisticated, organised, and determined than ever, and they have their sights set on your endpoints. HP Wolf Security is always-on and always watching, to help ensure you and your students stay protected.


Defence against known and unknown threats
From self-healing firmware and in-memory breach detection, to threat containment via isolation, HP Wolf Security reduces the addressable attack surface and enables remote recovery from firmware attacks.

2nd Half of Wolf Banner (IMAGE)

 Security todays students

Addressing threats aimed at distributing

Protecting personal and school data Enabling users to stay connected and learning

Securing endpoints at every level

Against evolving modern threats 

Hardware-enforced Protection below, in, and above the OS Powerful software & services

Layered ProtectionAdvanced tools to protect against biggest threat vectors.

Malware Prevention

Threat Containment

Identity Protection

Actionable InsightsRelevant and timely insights to ensure endpoints are secure

Threat assessment & Analysis

Comprehensive Reporting

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