Enhancing Patient Care with iPad and Healthcare Apps


Accelerating Digital Transformation in Health and Social Care with iPad

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Getting the patient experience right relies on so many variables, but delivering the highest standards of care will always be your top priority. When looking to help your team focus more on what they do best, understanding the impact that the right technology can have is crucial.


We know what good looks like. It means using intuitive, secure and connected devices that streamline care delivery, support the automation of manual processes, and ensure fast and efficient access to key apps and data on the move.

Empower your team with iPad and Academia Select:

Using iPad, combined with healthcare-specific apps, we design, deploy and manage high-impact solutions that contribute to better care. Via our flexible, comprehensive subscription service, you can access everything you need in one, including:

Powerful Apple products, such as iPad

Healthcare apps that improve patient care and efficiency 

Zero-touch deployment

Mobile Device Management

User training



Lifecycle Services

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