Generative AI at Adobe: Your imagination’s new best friend

18 Dec 2023

It’s no lie that generative IT is shaking up our creative industries and young, tech-savvy students are at the forefront of exploring this technology. Educators struggle with the challenge of fostering innovation and guiding their students while upholding ethical standards.


Generative AI

Generative AI stands as a form of artificial intelligence capable of transforming text and various inputs into remarkable outcomes. Although discussions about this technology have primarily focused on AI’s ability to generate images and art, its potential extends far beyond static visual creation from text prompts. With just a few words and the appropriate AI generator, individuals can craft not only captivating images and art but also create videos, documents and immersive digital experiences. AI art generators prove valuable in crafting essential “creative building blocks,” such as brushes, vectors and textures, which can enhance or serve as the foundation for diverse content pieces.


Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a dedicated web application accessible at Redefining the ways of ideation, creation and communication, it introduces fresh avenues for expressing creativity and significantly enhances creative workflows through the integration of generative AI. Beyond the Firefly web app, Adobe presents an extensive Firefly family surrounding various creative generative AI models, complemented by features driven by Firefly seamlessly integrated into Adobe’s flagship applications and available in Adobe Stock.

As the next evolutionary step in Adobe’s technological journey spanning four decades, Firefly emerges as a natural extension. Rooted in the belief that individuals should have the tools to manifest their ideas exactly as they envision, Firefly embodies Adobe’s commitment to empowering creative expression.


A significant concern that comes with generative AI in education is the prospect of students utilising it as an unethical shortcut. To counteract this concern, a suggested approach is to move away from conventional written reports. Instead, educators can encourage students to analyse information and convey their ideas through engaging avenues such as videos, podcasts or infographics.

The worry surrounding tools like ChatGPT is no secret among educators. While the immediate response for many might be to keep such tools at arm’s length from classrooms, a more realistic strategy is to explore ways for its integration. Generative AI is making substantial inroads into diverse industries, demanding that students comprehend its functionality and use it positively, dynamically and ethically.

Students often allocate minimal effort to memorisation-based tasks they view as unrelated to their future professions. On the flip side, tasks that encourage creativity become motivators, encouraging students to put in more effort. Not only do these assignments improve learning outcomes, but they also provide educators with improved insights into assessing student capabilities.

Educators venturing into the integration of generative AI into classrooms are encouraged to seek ways in which this technology can serve a dual purpose — stimulating both creative and critical thinking among students.


What do the new generative AI features in Adobe Express look like?


Text to image

  • Generate images from a detailed text description.


Generative fill

  • Use a brush to remove objects or paint in new ones.


Text effects

  • Apply styles or textures to words and phrases.


Generative recolour

  • Generate colour variations of your vector artwork.


3D to image

  • Generate images from the interactive positioning of 3D elements.


Project stardust

  • Move any object anywhere in your image.


Education examples:

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Features driven by generative AI eliminate barriers between students’ creative concepts and the blank canvas. These functionalities not only accelerate the pace of work and exploration but also empower students to swiftly breathe life into their ideas, whether in the form of posters, web pages, video essays and beyond.

With the introduction of new generative AI text effects, students can effortlessly articulate the graphical styles and textures they envision, leaving Adobe Express to seamlessly bring those visions to reality. For instance, students can craft text prompts to generate letters resembling macaw feathers, flowing lava or igneous rock. In addition, the text-to-image feature enables students to provide detailed descriptions, resulting in the creation of stunning images to complement their creative writing projects, science reports, history presentations and more.

Take a look at the boundless possibilities of generative AI at Adobe! Watch here.

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