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Through watching our coding videos, you can learn about creating an app prototype, getting started with code, and using robots to inspire learning.

Solving real world problems. Creating an App Prototype

How can we solve real-world problems, which we care about? How can we make students think about accessibility? How can we be creative across the curriculum? Great apps start with great ideas. In this video we cover the following:

Getting creative

We will be sharing how to design and create an app prototype. Join us for an exciting walk-through of the Apple ‘Inclusive App Design Activity’, where the students will learn about the world of app development. We will model how to create a prototype, with a focus on making it accessible and inclusive.

Getting resourceful

We will share the great coding resources from Apple and where the students can go next in their coding journeys.


Accessibility & Inclusivity
App Development

Getting started with Code.

An introduction to Swift Playgrounds

How can we build confidence with coding? How can we make coding relevant to students? Where would we find great resources to support the teaching of computing? When you teach code, you’re not just teaching the language of technology, you’re teaching new ways to bring ideas to life. In this video we cover the following:

Getting started

How to get started with the excellent computing resources from Apple. We will model how to introduce coding concepts, with hands-on activities.

Getting hands-on

We will demonstrate the free Swift Playgrounds app and share Apple’s teaching resources, aimed at developing coders and problem-solvers of the future.


Apple's Computing Resources
Problem Solving
Swift Playgrounds App

Bringing your Coding to life. Using Robots to inspire learning.

How can we inspire and excite children to learn about coding? How can we make coding relevant to everyday life? What are the benefits of robots in the classroom? In this video we cover the following:

Getting started

We will model how to use robots to excite and encourage STEM learning. This involves learning across the curriculum, to solve problems and develop curiosity.

Getting ready

We will demonstrate how to use Swift Playgrounds to control a robot to dance. We will share real examples from the classroom of how teachers have included robots to teach maths, science and computing concepts.


Swift Playground App
Encouraging STEM Learning

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