Our HP Journey

Whilst HP remain committed to ‘keep reinventing’, Academia has invested resource to identify how this translates into the classroom environment. As an HP Gold Partner with over 14 years of experience of supplying IT into education, we understand which solutions suit you best and the most effective way of influencing meaningful outcomes for teaching and learning.

Our commitment to HP

Our experience in working with educational establishments goes back to the start of the millennium, and our expertise enabled us to be a participating reseller on the NDNA framework previously. Part of our investment in the relationship with HP was to build a knowledge across our sales teams, leading to our very first team of HP Champions. It’s this experience, investment and understanding that makes Academia the best placed reseller to choose when visualizing your teaching and learning environments.

Luke Holdcroft-Young

Education Team Leader

As one of our most experienced members of staff, Luke has been key to driving our HP focus into education. As our original HP ‘Champion’, Luke laid the foundations for a strong partnership which has developed into the relationship we have today.

Sefika Komdar

HP Business Development Manager

Sefika Komdar

Sefika’s experience in the IT industry goes back 14 years and has always worked closely with HP within education. In 6 months with Academia, ‘Seffy’ has demonstrated some tremendous value to our customers in the education sector.

HP for Education

HP for Education is a program designed to give instant access to the latest promotions for Educational Establishments. For example, speak to us about HP Cashback for Education, HP Trade Up for Education, and many more great promotions for education.

How to get involved

Register Your Education Establishment

Purchase HP Qualifying Products

Participate in HP Promotions

Start Receiving Rewards

Be GDPR ready with HP’s Sure Start


Minimise Downtime

self-Healing Bios recovers in 30 seconds without the need for support calls or IT intervention

Increase Security

Protects where anti-malware is powerless, including against malware attacking SMM bios code capable of taking control of the PC

Simplify Managment

Auto recover Custom Bios settings and policies, manageable with Microsoft SCCM (Setup, settings, policies and monitoring)

National Desktop and Notebook Agreement – NDNA

Now HP has been approved as a vendor in the new National Desktop and Notebook Agreement (NDNA) to provide PCs to universities, colleges and affiliated research institutions, Academia are the reseller you need to speak to about your immersive technology needs.


Solutions for all

HP have built a range of products suitable for all levels of education – whether it’s Chromebook’s for schools, or the new G2 Sprout. No matter the age of students you deal with, regardless of the learning outcomes you are looking to achieve, there’s an HP solution for you. Our team of HP experts can help guide you towards the most suitable solution, based on the things that matter to you; teaching, learning, outcome, workflow, budget, and much more…


Chromebook 11 G5

Screen Size 11.6 HD AG LED SVA
Intel Processor Celeron N3060
Memory 4GB RAM
Storage 16GB SSD
Operating System Chrome OS

Z2 Mini (Performance)

Graphics NVIDIA Quadro 2GB
Intel Processor i7-6700 (Quad Core)
Memory 8GB RAM
Storage 1TB SATA
Operating System Win 10 Pro

Sprout Pro G2

Screen size 21.5" FHD LED Display
Intel Processor i7-7700T (Quad Core)
Memory 16GB RAM
Storage 512GB SSD
Nvidia Graphics GeForce® GTX 960M

ProBook x360 11 G1

Screen Size 11.6 HD AG LED SVA
Intel Processor Pentium N4200
Memory 4GB RAM
Storage 256GB SSD
Operating System Win 10 Home

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