10 Activities to do on an iPad instead of a Worksheet

10 Activities to do on an iPad instead of a Worksheet

Educators always want to know how they can utilise their iPad devices in the classroom.

Here are some of the activities, ideas and apps on how to better utilise the iPad when teaching:


1- Create


2- Present

  • Presenting work to demonstrate an understanding instead of a test or exercise from a book.
  • Place a word limit on slides
  • Apps such as PicCollage, Keynote, Tellagami or Prezi


3- Collaborate

  • Get connected it will revolutionise your classroom.
  • Social Media – Twitter, Hootsuite, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Classroom Collaboration – Google Drive, Padlet


4- Code


5- Explain


6- App Smash


7- Discover

  • As human beings we are naturally curious.  Do you allow time to discover in your classroom?
  • Allow time for students to discover the “why” using the iPad, by searching for more information about something you are teaching/learning.


8- Explore

  • Discover and Explore are tied together
  • Are you teaching your content in a manner so that it creates a curious environment?
  • Allow your students to explore using Google Earth, Google Maps, Social Media


9- Assess


10- Communicate

  • Create a Twitter hashtag for your classroom or school (#aurorahuskies, #ahsbio, #ahs109)
  • Create a class Facebook page
  • Create a class Instagram account (hashtag as well)
  • Start blogging and sharing the great events that are taking place in your classroom!


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