4 Ways to Stay Safe Online on Safer Internet Day 2024 and Beyond

6 Feb 2024

In the rapidly changing digital landscape, safety is paramount. As we celebrate Safer Internet Day 2024, it’s crucial to reflect on our online habits and adopt practices that ensure a secure digital experience. This year’s theme is ‘Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online’, especially for young people. Here are four practical ways to stay safe online in today’s interconnected world for 2024.

1. Encourage transformation by discussing your online activities with people you know

If you discover a passion on the internet, share it with your friends and family—it might resonate with them too! The digital landscape undergoes constant transformations, from game updates and fresh content to emerging news stories and services. Change is a significant aspect of life, offering excitement but also moments of feeling overwhelmed. Engaging in discussions with friends, family or trusted adults can assist in navigating these emotions and gaining a better understanding of the ongoing developments. If you encounter something online that raises concerns or causes distress, confide in a trusted adult who can assist you in blocking or reporting it if necessary.

2. Motivate change by promoting positivity

Through small gestures of kindness, we can collectively contribute to fostering a more positive online environment. Before posting or commenting, consider the potential impact on others. Challenge yourself to bring joy to someone today—leave an uplifting comment, share a humorous post or simply like a friend’s video.

3. Seeing isn’t believing

Consider this a friendly reminder for young minds: not everything on the internet holds the truth. We urge you to question what you come across regularly. This applies especially to content that might be bringing you down or creating a sense of missing out. If those moments hit, keep in mind that filters, edited images and the tendency to showcase the highlights rather than the mundane exist. Your online experience is curated but so is everyone else’s.

4. Make an impact by becoming an advocate

When you witness something wrong or unkind, take a stand and act as an upstander. You can be an advocate by supporting others, offering assistance or reporting offensive content. The more we champion what is right, the greater the positive impact we can collectively achieve.


Safer Internet Day serves as a reminder that our digital safety is a shared responsibility. By implementing these practical steps, we can navigate the online world with confidence and reduce the risk of falling prey to cyber threats. Let’s make online safety a priority, not just on Safer Internet Day but every day, fostering a secure and enjoyable digital experience for all.

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