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Now Live – A new way to see how Adobe can work for your establishment

What comes into your head when you hear the word Adobe? For many of us it is the instant flash of red and the A brand with that instantly recognisable symbol that lets us know that our precious PDF documents are ready for sharing without fear or anyone editing your valuable work. Or perhaps you are one of the growing new breed of creative design minds who are discovering that Adobe does indeed mean much more.

Now 35 years strong, Adobe Systems Incorporated has established a firm foothold in the technology software market, building a business empire that has focused upon the creation of multimedia and creativity software products. Most recently, it has adapted to the digital boom and created richer internet application software development programmes to work with other global technology superpowers like Apple, Microsoft, Google and HP.

Best known for Photoshop, the image editing software, the aforementioned PDF (Portable Document Format), and the Adobe Creative Suite (now succeeded by Adobe Creative Cloud), the brand of Adobe is used worldwide and by businesses, schools, charities and in the home of our personal computers. But how can Adobe really work for you?

Thanks to a new partner microsite that was created by the Academia creative team using, surprise surprise, Adobe InDesign, and that has just been nominated for an award at the upcoming CRN event, the solution of what Adobe can really do for you can be found at a click of a button.

Discover how the Adobe Journey can begin at a primary school level, using and adapting to new tools like Spark to create and explore the digital world for early minds. See how secondary Schools can benefit from the Creative Cloud and dive into the world of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Then see how Further and Higher Education Establishments can prepare for the working world with the best creative software packages for greater minds in a paperless environment.

See how IT managers can harness new deployments, migrations and technical support with Adobe software that makes communication a simplified process. Study how Charities are now reaping the funding and support rewards of using Adobe at discounted cost via the NCVO partnership agreement.

Be immersed in the free Adobe Training tools that can be created in partnership with Academia and delivered to students and teachers….by ex-teachers!

There is so much more to understand from Adobe – make today your choice to utilise the tools you need at your disposal. Come see what the fuss is all about here:

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