Working with Malton School throughout their iPad deployment

Working with Malton School throughout their iPad deployment

Over the past two years, Academia have worked as a partner to Malton School throughout their iPad deployment project where they provided an iPad for every student.

In this time, we have grown a relationship of more than just an IT hardware supplier. Academia have supported Malton’s students and teachers with training on the device, core apps within the Apple Ecosystem and third party apps that have had a positive impact on teaching and learning, in and outside of the classroom. We have worked closely with all subject leaders to ensure that iPad provides a positive impact in their lessons and even incorporated the built-in features of dictation as well as the FaceTime camera for several projects.

As the school have advanced and confidence levels have increased, we have introduced other technologies such as drones that work seamlessly with iPad and give the school ways to gather information which before wouldn’t have been possible.

By focusing on clear, repeatable and transferable apps, the Malton School training project had rapid impact in just one half term. The whole staff body had access to 1:1 training bespoke to their needs, based around a few core (school wide) apps. This meant teachers could genuinely share best practise and troubleshoot across departments.

The outcomes of this embedded approach to training is unique, providing staff with time and workload saving processes. This allowed teachers to focus on the curriculum, and provided time for Academia, working with James Hannam (Apple Education Trainer), to provide these ‘mini projects’.

BBC News School Report Project

Academia worked with pupils from Malton School to put together a broadcast news report about the benefits of using tablets and technology in schools. The pupils interviewed Ofsted’s National Director, Education, Sean Harford as part of their report as well as teachers and fellow students. James Hannam (Apple Education Trainer) supported the students as they recorded and edited the footage using iMovie.

Malton School Drone Project

James Hannam (Apple Education Trainer) introduced DJI Drones to pupils at Malton School as part of a recent Geography Field trip which involved land and use surveys. Hannam said, “We used Drones to help the students get a better understanding of the surrounding environment, and gathered extra data to be used back in the classroom afterwards.

Essentially, staff and students were able to share ideas and resources in the field, spend less time back at school collating (and therefore more time looking at the evidence and learning), and more time focusing on the learning.

The footage from the iPads and the drones can then be used to create video explanation tutorials, and more in depth studies into the areas the students visited.”


Testimonials from Malton School 

Malton School’s journey to becoming fully an iPad school has been significantly enabled through our close partnership and working relationship with Academia. Their work with our students, training each year group in turn, both on e-safety and on the specific learning apps that we chose to have pre-loaded on every device, has been fantastic. Even more important has been their consultancy work with our staff team. The students are all willing learners with the technology. The staff are more mixed. Academia recognised this and planned the roll out carefully with our Lead Practitioners, identifying champions in every department and quick wins to encourage all colleagues to see the benefits of more effective use of the new technology. The results are already impressive. The school is moving ahead of the game with its use of Showbie and Explain Everything. We are reaching the point where each subject area is starting to develop specific and enhanced deployments for themselves. A dream situation for a school leader! Thank you Academia for being an active project partner and not simply our chosen supplier.–  Rob Williams, Headteacher

Working alongside Academia has helped to establish a strong platform within our school to allow its teachers, support staff and students to work together and embrace the opportunities that technology can offer to enhance teaching and learning. Malton school has invested in a model that offers ‘bespoke’ staff CPD, where individual and departmental needs are at the forefront of planning and development.  In lessons, students feel empowered by being able to carry out their own research and present ideas in a more interactive format and teachers are discovering alternative ways of developing their practice and add value to lessons.

During our journey so far and as our school moves towards a one-to-one model, Academia has provided sound guidance and they have all been great to work with.  They have a fantastic appreciation of where a school is currently situated along their journey and will always place the needs of the school first when offering recommendations and guidance.” –  Mr. Andrew Hodgson, Digital Leader

For further information on this project and how academia can help your educational establishment introduce Apple technology to the classroom, please contact us by emailing or call 0113 887 6481.

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