What’s good for your people is good for business


Transforming how your people work with Apple Mac


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Digital transformation can feel scary and comes loaded with expectation. For IT and wider leadership teams, big questions loom large – where do you start, where will we see the biggest gains, how do we affect meaningful and lasting change?

Starting small but strategic and transforming how your people work is a great place to begin. When 70% of transformation projects fail due to employee resistance, it makes perfect sense to build your strategy around the experience of your people*. It’s the fastest way to see the returns your business is most looking for:


Better business performance 

Reduced business risk

Growth in revenue

Lower operating costs


Transforming your workplace with Apple Mac

Empowering your people to choose the technology they work with is a critical first step in transforming how they work.
Offering choice means allowing your team the chance to work with Apple Mac devices. Why? Because with their preferred tools they feel at their best. And happier, more energised people are more productive – your engine room for growth. They’re also more likely to want to work for you, which secures talent for your long-term business success.


Onboarding Apple MacBook devices from just £49.00 per user, per month

With amazing technology from Apple, plus our extensive support and know-how, we take all the sweat out of transformation which is great for your IT team too. Everything you need from advice and design to devices and deployment is available in one flexible consumption-based service. No fuss, no surprises. It’s more affordable than you realise – for just £49.00 per user, per month, we can deliver an incredible Apple MacBook experience and help you drive towards your most important goals.


*Why do most transformations fail? A conversation with Harry Robinson. McKinsey & Company. https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/transformation/our-insights/why-do-most-transformations-fail-a-conversation-with-harry-robinson

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