Digital signage making an impact in education

The Smarter Way Forward

TrilbyTV is the number one digital signage platform made for education. As experts, our mission is to build whole school communication, boost community cohesion amongst staff and students, whilst enhancing parental engagement. The TrilbyTV platform is an easy to use cost effective way for you to #SwitchOnYourSignage.

Why TrilbyTV?

      • Unlimited screens
      • Your content on your screens
      • Player management & scheduling
      • Works with familiar hardware
      • Content Catalogue of resources
      • Whole school announcements
      • Works across multiple sites


Unlimited screens for education

The team at TrilbyTV know you’ll love sharing and showcasing on digital signage so they offer an unlimited screen subscription, giving you the option to easily connect as many screens as you’d like in your school. You can start with a one or two screen subscription and grow as you need. 

Your content on your screens

As a school, you’re already creating loads of beautiful content in the classroom and beyond. TrilbyTV gives you a great place to share it alongside messages and school information. Upload anywhere from any device via the mobile and tablet friendly web app and see your digital signage update in minutes.

TrilbyTV really does make it simple to add and manage content so even the busiest school can have up to date screens. Get in touch today to find out more.

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