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Enable all of your Windows apps on your Mac

Parallels Software, your gateway to seamless computing experiences! Parallels Software is revolutionising the way you work and play by enabling you to run multiple operating systems effortlessly on a single device.


Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to unparalleled flexibility as you effortlessly switch between Windows, macOS, Linux and more with just a click.


Our powerful virtualisation technology ensures that you can run your favourite applications and software without compromise, maximizing productivity and unleashing your creativity.

Optimised for Apple Silicon
Authorised by Microsoft
Install in just a few minutes
24/7 live chat support
Run 200,000+ applications
30-day money back guarantee

Parallels Products

Run Window’s on Mac. Easy. Powerful. Seamless.

Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac

Power up your Mac to run Windows on a virtual desktop, plus get access to more than 200,000 of its apps to work, develop, study, test and play. Authorised by Microsoft.

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition

Maximise performance and unlock the full power of your Mac. Use advanced features and enhanced functionality designed for developers, creators and power users.

Features built for education

Coherence Mode blends Windows apps with Mac, streamlining multitasking by eliminating OS switches.

Snapshot your virtual machine for easy reverting— a time-travel tool to experiment and explore setups safely.

Shared Folders erases need for external drives, simplifying Mac-Windows file transfer for collaborative studying.

Virtualisation enables running multiple OS’s on one computer, seamlessly integrating Windows apps with macOS for academic success.


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