Jamf Licensing COVID Support

Amongst all of the announcements made around how the world of software is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, Jamf’s has to be one of the most well thought out. This is to help customers onboard quickly, efficiently and with less process and paperwork than previously, getting devices up and running and into the hands of users as quickly as is humanly possible.

So… effective right now, Jamf have announced that any current Jamf customer can utilise an unlimited amount of Jamf Pro Licences for personally-owned Apple Devices until September 2020. If you don’t have Jamf yet, you only need to buy the Minimum Order Quantity for your relevant sector and can them take advantage of the unlimited offering.

For Schools, Jamf is offering free full use of Jamf School for 4 months when accompanying the purchase of an Apple Device through the Apple Education Sales channel. In addition, Jamf are also offering unlimited free licences for personally owned devices (Same as above).

So what now?

For further information, contact your Account Manager and they’ll talk you through the options. If, like a lot of organisations, you’re struggling with workload to get everything done and need some help… obviously we’re here.

As a companion to Jamf’s offer and at customer request, we’ve created a “Parachute pack” to help customers configure their Jamf installation for Remote Deployment and Configuration with optional hand-holding support for the bedding in period. There are many intricacies to bear in mind when you’re used to deploying devices on premise, so this programme checks readiness and assists with change to avoid any sticking points down the line.

This is at a heavily reduced price to ease any cost approval burden customers may face and ultimately get everything up and running as soon as possible.

Contact the team via info@academia.co.uk

01992 702900

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