Evolving Cyber trends driving the Campus of the future

Digital transformation, modern workplace, cloud, ecommerce are just some hot topics that have been bouncing around in education for quite some time but these layer’s now sit firmly within any decent IT strategy.

But as all these layers unpeel, we’re seeing a new, expansive, and pivotal layer in any IT leader’s strategy – the cyber security layer. When considering this new layer in our increasingly digital first society, what could the future landscape of cyber security in the education sector potentially look like?

  • We anticipate that the traditional role of the CIO / IT Director and their respective teams will undergo a major transformation from its current state, transitioning towards an “as-a-service” operational model. Here, service contracts are delivered by expert partners that will comprise a larger part of a university’s digital presence. Even though the present equilibrium between in-house expertise and outsourced contract management leans notably towards the former, we’re already witnessing a change in this balance. Don’t panic – it won’t rip and replace your existing set up, in fact, as a service model provides support (and reports) into your current team structure, adding value and improving services.
  • We foresee a significant shift in the strategy adopted by cyber security insurance providers, with the possibility of future cyber-attacks being classified as “uninsurable.” Although it’s challenging to predict with certainty (based on current trends), insurance providers will alter policy wording and conditions to transfer the risk back to the policy holder. If this occurs, it will place increased pressure on universities to enhance their efforts in the realm of cyber security. We would encourage you to double check your contracts and maybe ask your compliance teams to read the small print (or whoever deals with your insurance contracts).


  • We see a mood change where cyber security evolves from a protective necessity into a strategic enabler for universities. As awareness and literacy around cyber security grow amongst stakeholders – be they students, staff, or research collaborators – the value of robust cyber security measures is becoming more apparent. Previously, it might have been reasonable for security to be deemed peripheral to the core mission of universities. However, in the competitive landscape of UK education, institutions that can assure their community of a secure digital environment will have a leading edge.

Given the complexity of today’s Cyber Security landscape and the worrying trends projected for the future, one might wonder, is there a simpler approach to protecting my institution?

Protecting your establishment is never going to be a simple and easy task, especially when trying to provide board level assurance. Cyber protection requires a comprehensive understanding of the threat landscape as well as remediation measures available to combat this ever-evolving priority. This can be a full-time project, that’s why you need a partner that not only has knowledge but up to date knowledge.

Academia’s Cyber Security experts helps assess, protect, detect, respond, and remediate risks and threats, delivering cyber solutions that align to Board level objectives whilst adhering to stringent security compliance standards. Read our Modern workplace brochure for more details – click here.

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