DfE Scheme: What is covered, and what is available in addition?

We know this is a busy and challenging time as you adapt to delivering a positive learning environment remotely for your school – as a result, want to help ease that transition and support you in that change.

We’re working with the Department for Education (DfE) and Microsoft to help schools have a digital education platform that supports remote learning, using Office 365 Education including Microsoft Teams.

This Digital Education platform can support you with:

  • Teachers’ ability to assign and assess work, providing feedback remotely.
  • Students’ ability to access curriculum content and communicate digitally on any device that is connected to the internet, irrespective of location.

In addition, when effectively implemented, these platforms enable:

  • Communication between staff, students, and parents in real time, using written word, voice, and video.
  • The option to collaborate in real time on documents to enable teachers and other students to give support and feedback of work on collaborative projects.

What is the offering?

There’s free support available for Schools who do not currently have an effective Digital Education Platform in place, to allow for the initial deployment and configuration of Office 365. All you need to do is submit a Request for Platform Provisioning form, and you will receive government funded support to get you up and running. When you answer question 26, simply select Academia as your preferred partner and we will engage you to get your Office 365 and Teams platform provisioned, configured and deployed.

To qualify for the free support, you either need to:

  • Have no current Digital Education platform in place (i.e. no G Suite or Office 365) – definite qualification
  • Have a Digital Education platform in place that only has Teachers enrolled, but not students – likely qualification
  • Have a Digital Education platform in place that is deployed but not fully configured to deliver Digital Education – potential qualification

Please note that acceptance of qualification for the free support offer is at Academia’s discretion and own risk.

What is covered, and what is available in addition?

In addition to this initial setup and deployment, Academia can offer a multitude of additional resources (which may incur additional cost) to help you make the most of the platform itself – check out our PDF below which details what is covered under the government’s funding (denoted by ✔), and what is available from us as an additional service (denoted by ➕):

Unlock anywhere learning

If you would like to understand more about how a digital education platform such as Microsoft Teams works, here is a link to an interactive demo and a quick 2 minute video. In addition, you may find these webinars hosted by schools that have made the transition to remote learning helpful: Cornerstone Academy Trust and Ribblesdale High School.

Email: schools@academia.co.uk | Phone: 01992703900


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