How to Avoid 10 Critical Mistakes Schools Make When Deploying Classroom Technology 


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Driven by a desire to ensure schools’ investment in classroom technology is sustainable and delivers tangible benefits to teaching and learning, we’ve collaborated with 6 of the most influential and inspiring people working in education today.



This report brings together the expertise and experience of an outstanding Head Teacher and Business Manager, an Apple Education Development Consultant, a pioneering ICT Coordinator, a senior Inspector, senior University lecturer, and an Apple Distinguished Educator, Trainer & Mentor.

The result is a report that will:

Help your school to save money (now and in the future)


Ensure you realise the benefits of classroom technology


 Give you proven strategies for deploying technology


 Enable you to bring stakeholders on your journey


Avoid the mistakes that hamper schools’ ICT projects

Enjoy and thank you for reading!


Kristian Taylor

Schools Development Manager – Schools and Colleges

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