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One of the most valuable effects that Apple products have in classrooms is that they give students freedom of expression. And, as so many people will know, iPad is so user-friendly and intuitive, that anyone is able to instantly use its interfaces and valuable tools.

Likewise, Mac packs both power and punch, enabling students and their teachers to pursue ambitious projects and tasks across a range of subjects. Also, because Apple’s products are able to synchronise seamlessly, students can start a project on Mac at home, and then carry on where they left off on iPad back in the classroom. This, coupled with all-day battery life, means that both iPad and Mac keep inspiring, even after lessons end. 

One other important benefit of Apple in the classroom has to be the positive impact it has on student engagement and motivation. Children are so accustomed to using digital devices in their daily lives that it simply makes sense to bring them into the classroom setting. And those who’ve used iPad (be it in pre-school, primary or higher learning environments), have found that it significantly improves student engagement in the learning process, whilst enhancing their motivation to learn. On top of that, some institutions have reported a decline in discipline issues and reduced student drop-out rates.

Apple helps to bring any project to life. Both iPad and Mac have versatile built-in apps like Pages, giving students the ability to create stand-out assignments, along with GarageBand to make music projects so much easier to fulfil, and iMovie to give pupils a powerful tool to breathe sound and vision into their ideas. And if students want to learn the fundamentals of coding, Swift Playgrounds is there to help make it happen.

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