Budget Constraints and Technology Refresh

Driving down the cost of your technology refresh

The pace of change in the IT arena has never been greater, with manufacturers releasing new versions of hardware and software on a monthly basis. This presents huge challenges for Educators who are tasked with preparing students for the workplace, where they will use technology yet to exist, on ever tighter budgets. In an ideal world, teaching and learning takes place, using the latest technology, the reality is very different with IT refresh budgets tasked with stretching 5 year and beyond within many institutions. Academia’s ReviveIT service is designed to release the residual value within an organisation’s current IT estate, enabling them to refresh on a more regular basis. Not only does this enable organisations to deliver a more up to date learning experience, it also drives down the hidden cost of supporting aging IT estates.

How it works – Step by step

Speak to a member of the ReviveIT team from Academia today on 01992 703 900 or email reviveit@academia.co.uk

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