Microsoft Surface – Better education experiences for everyone – Free eBook

Today, students and educators are making their careful, gradual return to campuses worldwide. But, like many other aspects of life, education has been forever changed. Remote learning is now a permanent fixture of the educational experience.

Although many may once again attend in person, others may be sporadic or even permanent online attendees. This includes a new demographic of overseas students and educators exploring fresh possibilities for studying or teaching at institutions far from where they live.

Supporting education now and tomorrow

A new generation of technology is necessary to support the educational experiences needed now. Going far beyond the screens and interactive whiteboards of yesterday, this new technology is ready to meet everyone’s needs, from students to faculty and support staff, whether on campus, at home, or even studying or teaching from another country.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how you can meet today’s needs perfectly and be ready for whatever the changing requirements and situations of the future may be. Complete the form to the right to download the eBook and see how Academia and Microsoft Surface can create better education experiences for everyone.

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