Best finance options to fund your Apple vision

Built to last with high residual value, an exceptional user experience and robust security features, Apple devices are highly attractive for businesses, public sector and education alike. By identifying a funding model that aligns with your organisation’s growth plans, you will be opened up to an exciting journey of possibilities. 

What are the options?

With our extensive experience working with Apple over the years, we recognise that a “one size fits all” approach does not work, so we have developed a range of financial packages to accommodate and cater for different customer needs, taking an approach that aligns and works for you.

So, let’s explore what the finance ‘art of the possible’ could be!

  • One-time upfront payment option: You always have the choice to make a single payment upfront, covering the entire duration of the agreement. This payment model is especially beneficial for organisations seeking to invest their capital in technology without the obligation of monthly or quarterly payments.
  • Technology Buyback (Trade-in): With this model, you can leverage the residual value of devices by trading them in and offsetting that value against newer generations of Apple technology. By embracing this approach, you not only take a sustainable stride towards future investments but also receive credit towards the adoption of next-generation Apple technology and services.
  • Per User, Per Device Payments: Our range of Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offerings are centered around two core options: user-based and device-based. With this flexibility, we provide the choice of making payments on a per user or per device basis, allowing you to manage costs effectively on a monthly basis. This approach empowers your Finance teams to carefully oversee IT expenses while facilitating the seamless integration and increased adoption of Apple devices within your organisation.
  • Managed Devices – With this model, you can select from our extensive portfolio of hardware and service offerings with the cost spread over a predetermined period, ensuring fixed and straightforward payments across the contracted period. This approach enables you to forecast IT expenditure accurately while benefiting from the services you choose from Academia’s comprehensive range.


So, what’s the advantage?

Opting for financing options to pay for your Apple products and services brings the advantage of managing payments effectively and maximising your access to technology. This is achieved by utilising monthly expenditure budgets instead of relying solely on capital expenditure. This approach can alleviate the burden of a significant lump sum on your balance sheet. Additionally, purchasing on finance offers the benefit of freeing up much-needed capital to invest in other business-critical technologies and support various projects.

What good looks like?

Considering common business concerns regarding capital affordability and cashflow, we recommend considering our Managed Apple device service offering. This solution bundles hardware, software (including MDM) and support costs into a manageable monthly payment. Select from a comprehensive range of devices that fulfil your needs and pair them with our all-inclusive service offering. This provides you with enterprise-level management and security, significantly simplifying your IT challenges and affording you time to focus on other activities.

To further reduce your outlay, you might also like to consider our Asset Lifecycle services which will pay out the equivalent value to be spent on new technology when you trade in your old devices. Check out here our brochure which dives into our Apple devices powered by Jamf offerings



Financing options enables you to have up to date technology today and invest in the ongoing success of your organisation and your vision. Our Apple device management solutions, powered by Jamf have been designed to fit all Apple estates, catering for all needs and requirements.  Talk to us today about our flexible financing options and discuss the best solution to unleash your organisations’ potential.

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