Check out Adobe’s latest promotions and secure them before November 30th

November 30th marks the end of Adobe’s fiscal year, and is when many of the current promotions for education are set to expire. We wanted to ensure you understand what these are and benefit from them before they go. 

Student license packs for HE (Higher Education) students 

Adobe formalised the HE packs for 100+ student licenses earlier this year and this is expected to continue into their new fiscal year. However, a more recent promotion provides an even lower unit cost for those requiring 250+. These can be purchased under a VIP agreement which is pro-ratad and may allow you to simply license students from now until then end of term, further reducing the cost this year. 


We have found many educational establishments are still running old perpetual versions of Acrobat. Whilst the functionality may be sufficient, many of these have support ending and may pose a security risk to your organisation. With support of Acrobat 2017 ending in 2022, we encourage customers to migrate to Adobe’s subscription model which provides additional functionality and mitigates the security concerns.

To help, Adobe is offering customers with old perpetual licenses the ability to migrate to a subscription model and benefit from up to 55% discount on Acrobat DC licenses. We can help identify old perpetual licenses by obtaining a historical spend report from Adobe. 

Adobe Sign

Adobe have seen significant growth of their digital signature solution, Sign. This ‘enterprise featured solution’ is ideal for all markets, however Adobe have made it even more attractive for new educational customers. Speak to us today about the various offers that are currently available, providing up to 80% discount for the sector. 

With lots of promotions coming to an end by the end of November, now is the time to book a consultation with our Software team.

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