A worthwhile investment in Higher Education


You’ll have seen higher education change over the last few years. The removal of the domestic student cap has made recruitment more competitive than ever. Institutions in Europe and around the world are drawing international students away from the UK. And the perception of rising fees has created a need for more value from courses and experiences.

Students choose universities more like consumers. Assessing league tables. Tracking employability statistics. Reviewing satisfaction surveys. And if young people are to pick your institution, it has to be worth it.

You need to give your students more.
So how can you deliver what students want – and do so even better than your competition?

  • By living up to what tech-savvy students expect.
  • By giving faculty, staff, and management the tools to be even more efficient.
  • By building learning environments where students are empowered to achieve more.
  • By giving your institution a modern technological experience.

That’s why you’re probably already using Office 365 or Microsoft 365. They’re familiar, with apps like Word and PowerPoint. They help everyone stay organised, with file storage through OneDrive.

They’re seamless across devices, whether that’s Windows, Android, or iOS. In short, they help you, your faculty, and your students create great learning experiences. Now, discover why adding Surface can help you enhance the experience even further, by combining the tools to create with the technology to perform and compete – wherever your students and staff are.

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