It’s official: HP completes acquisition of Teradici! What does this mean?

As the shift to hybrid work continues, HP remains committed to enabling remote and hybrid learning/working for everyone that requires high-performance computing. HP ZCentral has been an integral part of keeping businesses and educational institutions up and running and people productive through the pandemic, making it easy to take advantage of remote access to physical workstations with the award-winning ZCentral Remote Boost software.

To accelerate the growth strategy to deliver new compute models and software-enabled digital services tailored for hybrid learning/working, HP announced the completion of its acquisition of Teradici, the creator of the PCoIP remote display protocol and a complementary global innovator in remote computing software that enables users to securely access high-performance computing from any PC, Chromebook, or tablet with the highest levels of security, responsiveness, and fidelity.

Combining the two remote access solutions will enable HP to offer a broader remote compute platform that spans on-premise and cloud solutions from any type of device, including macOS, public clouds, iPad and Android tablets making Teradici a strong addition to the HP family.

HP’s remote services and solutions, tailored for hybrid learning/working will be enhanced with a single 1-year subscription offer of Teradici Cloud Access Software (CAS) and HP ZCentral Remote Boost. Get the best of both with the flexibility to use the right software suite to tackle graphics or compute intensive projects from anywhere. Teams will be able to securely access the cloud, virtual machines or localized workstations from most PCs, thin clients, Chromebooks, or tablets, for fast responsiveness and high-definition image quality, even with film editing and big data visualtisations. In addition, you’ll be able to seamlessly manage connections from anywhere with IT management software, included in the subscription as a limited-time offer. The new Teradici CAS and HP ZCentral Remote Boost subscription is planned to be available to purchase by the end of calendar year 2021.

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