Closing Window number 7 – Are ready for Windows 10?

Closing Window number 7 – Are you ready for Windows 10?

Microsoft is calling time on Windows 7, with support coming to an end in January 2020. That is only 13 months away. Even if you think you and your education and business establishments are ready, there are hidden problems that could trip you up along the way.

Our Gold partners at HP and Microsoft are running a free webinar on the 10th December that is open to anyone interested in learning how to prepare for the end of Windows 7.

They will explore the practical options available: do you upgrade, replace or virtualise? Discuss the security risks of delaying your migration and find out how it’s affecting businesses and schools right now. And they will explain how you can migrate to Windows 10 without disrupting your employees’ or staff productivity – in fact, there may be ways to improve it.

The experts include Migration Specialist Robert Neuschul, who has already helped several companies migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10, along with representatives from HP and Microsoft to discuss the next steps companies and schools must make, no matter what their size. Join them live and have your chance to ask direct questions to the panel.


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