What is Adobe doing in education?

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We recently reached out to John Arboleda, who is Adobe’s of Head of Primary & Secondary Schools across EMEA to answer 5 pertinent points about Adobe’s plans for education in 2020. This article is a great insight into how Adobe has been supporting future ready skills development and highlights some of the tools that are available to all of education to enhance creative learning.

We are partnering with schools to support and contribute towards their efforts to teach and develop digital literacy capabilities. Creative thinking, critical thinking, storytelling and collaboration are recognised as essential skills to help prepare students for their future careers. While governments, school leaders and teachers focus efforts on how to effectively introduce and integrate digital into the classroom, we understand it requires equipping and empowering both, teachers and students, to achieve desired outcomes. Considering Adobe’s reputation and extensive experience as a creativity enabler with our Creative Cloud offering, and our commitment to the education sector, we want to support schools as a trusted educational partner.

Why is digital literacy so important?

Today’s students, who also represent tomorrow’s workforce, are living in a digital world that necessitates they acquire the needed future-proof skills, and are prepared to navigate successful careers in a digitally tech-driven world — regardless where they work or live. As a result, this opens new teaching and learning opportunities in classrooms so we can engage students through digital learning experiences. As a consequence, this is requiring schools to consider how they will implement a digital strategy, and collaborate with the educational partners that are committed to support them.

How does Adobe support future skills development?

Considering recent reports about the future of work and skills published by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey, proficiency in new technologies is critical.

However, “Human skills” such as creativity, critical thinking, complex-problem solving and creative thinking are recognised as equally essential for tomorrow’s workforce. Interestingly enough, there is a growing need to teach for creativity in schools as supported by the recent Durham Commission on Creativity and Education, and the OECD’s report on Fostering Students’ Creativity and Critical Thinking.

Taking into account the importance of developing digital capacities, future skills and creativity in schools, we know from existing experience with schools that Adobe’s Creative Cloud offering is successfully supporting and complementing the teaching and learning experience. Our applications allow educators and pupils to introduce an exciting and engaging experience, while helping students develop key skills and capabilities – regardless of subject matter. Additionally, students will also become proficient with Adobe applications that are used every day across industries in various professions that will also increase their future employability.

How can one overcome a ‘fear’ of using Adobe in the classroom (from a teaching perspective)

Regardless of a teacher’s familiarity with Adobe, we want educators to approach Adobe with curiosity and excitement about the possibilities available for their classroom. To help, we currently offer, and are expanding, ways to support teachers. We do so whilst applying the 5E methodology of enabling, equipping, empowering, exciting and engaging teachers so they have the best Adobe experience when they are teaching students. Some resources include the following:

• Adobe Education Exchange: a resource that provides professional development in the form for free courses, curriculum content and access to a global community teachers that are sharing how they effectively use Adobe in their classroom.

• Education Evangelists: These are former teachers who have successfully integrated Adobe products across the education curriculum, and travel around schools providing training in Adobe capacity building, helping teachers discover the possibilities our applications can offer.

• Events: We host and attend and number of events across Europe that provide teachers with opportunity to meet and engage with Adobe.

How do I SPARK my Adobe journey, ie next steps

For educators that have not considered Adobe’s Creative Cloud offering for their schools, we invite them to contact Academia to learn more how Adobe is supporting schools around the globe. In the meantime, I would encourage readers to check out and play with Adobe Spark, which is a free and great way to begin experiencing and exploring what is possible. It is important that schools understand how Adobe can best support their efforts in achieving their teaching and learning goals, and learn more about Adobe’s commitment to be a trusted educational partner.

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