We only care so you don’t have to

We only care so you don’t have to

The evolution of Social Media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has created a new voice of consumer dissatisfaction that can be easily shared in its millions within a second across the world.  Such has become the need to manage online reputation that it becomes essential for consumer based businesses to employ social media experts to engage on a daily basis with irate costumers.  This trend is ever growing at an alarming pace.

How do we combat this ever evolving need to complain and share to everyone to see?  Offer exemplary customer service of course.

At Academia we pride ourselves in our 4 promises of customer support to our clients:

We promise to see from your point of view.

We promise to be a company you can trust and rely on.

We promise there will always be a steady flow of communication.

We promise to give you reliable and true advice.


By sticking by our core principles, the Academia Customer Support team are able to make sure every client is treated and respected the same.  This is an essential way to run a business based on customer satisfaction leading to customer retention.

Whilst being masters of our practice, we are also at the mercy of what we hear from others.  Taking the 10 fundamental examples of poor customer service is simple, but clearly widely accepted as non practice for many companies:

  • Lack of manners
  • Rude discourteous behaviour
  • Long waits on the phone
  • Long waits in line
  • Lack of knowledge of the product or policy
  • Lack of follow-through
  • Not resolving a complaint
  • Unresponsive technology or not knowing how to use it
  • Can’t get a hold of a real person
  • Unfulfilled promises, lies and other deceptions


There is no correct masterplan for overcoming issues that are complicated at the best of times, but by having an award winning team in place in the very first instance helps solve problems before they even start.  With Carys, Polly, Jenny, Wayne, Kirstie, Patrycja and Kelly on board and on song 24 hours a day, we believe, no, we know we have the perfect team in place to respond to any crisis.

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