Security in Style – Why hardware security CAN look good.

Style is generally seen as a reflection of your attitude and personality, a way to show the world that you mean business in a fashionable and presentable way. So how does style fit into the 21st Century classroom?

The need for cleaner, smarter and more perfectly assembled classrooms has become a top priority for many colleges that are looking to profile their education establishment in a new light.  Many are now investing in ways to clean up the classroom and present a better public image profile that will go a long way to improving performance and promoting awareness.

One way to enhance the concept of style and design is with your hardware security.  Instead of keeping essential equipment under a standard lock and key scenario, the need for more attractive ways to secure valuable Apple and IT equipment has resulted in the happy and handsome range from SecurityXtra.

High security features, but with top-of-the-range sleek design, the complete security solution from our partners at SecurityXtra oozes style and sophistication while maintaining the ultimate concept of keeping your equipment safe.

From the super-secure and sexy Security Mount for Apple TV 4K, to the safe and sassy Security Mount for MacMini, the multitude of devices from Security Xtra will satisfy the harshest of fashion critics.

So while many still stick with the standard messy set up of mixed cables and complicated locks, most are now jumping on board to clean up the classroom, make it safer, secure and of course, ultra-stylish.

Academia and SecurityXtra recognise the importance of keeping your technology safe and secure. That’s why our ethos is to provide the finest security equipment and help safeguard your devices from anyone attempting to get their hands on your high-value items or any essential data.

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