Reviving your IT equipment – 5 steps to IT happiness

Picture the scene. Your beloved work laptop, loyal as well as essential for the day to day running of everything you do, suddenly decides that enough is enough. It slows down to an unbearable speed and constantly loses files, switches off unexpectedly and makes a large ringing noise when you try to switch it back on.  It is clear your wonderful device is urging you to upgrade.

Upgrading to a new computer does make sense – latest platforms from Apple, Microsoft and Google do require stronger hardrives to cope with the extra power processers you can receive.  But can you afford to simply throw away your faulty device after its longevity of service?

Emotional attachment is one thing, but getting no monetary return for a loyal computer that has served you so well seems to be a kick in the financial teeth that you don’t deserve.  Step forward ReviveIT.

When IT assets reach the end of their working life for your organisation, it doesn’t have to mean disposal. Our ReviveIT process offers organisations a high security service to data wipe, refurbish and remarket used IT assets, returning residual value to our clients.

The 5 step process to IT happiness from ReviveIT could not be simpler:

Step 1 – Count up assets and contact Academia – simply make a note of what computers, tablets or mobile devices are faulty and give us a call on 01992 703 900

Step 2 – Trade in price offered by Academia – your IT equipment will be assessed and valued by independent experts

Step 3 – Collect Assets and transfer ownership – Collection provided by Academia at your own time and convenience

Step 4 – Data wipe devices and provide audit certificates – All devices are processed utilising CESG approved data erasure software, with nothing being left to chance with your data

Step 5 – Financial return from Academia – Direct financial settlement transferred straight to your suggested bank account

5 steps to IT happiness – from the misery of saying goodbye to a loved IT device

Speak to a member of the ReviveIT team from Academia today on 01992 703 900 or email

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