RedNet in Live Sound

RedNet in Live Sound

RedNet is Focusrite’s high quality range of break-in / break-out boxes for any Dante digital audio network. Ideal for use in live sound applications, RedNet brings superb studio grade Focusrite analogue and digital I/O, and next-generation Focusrite remote controlled preamps to Dante’s robust and reliable digital audio network – providing a scalable, near zero latency audio distribution system that is fully interoperable with other Dante enabled products as well as being fully Pro Tools|HD and MADI compatible.

LIVE_sound-870sThe familiarity of Dante in live sound, coupled with Focusrite’s industry reputation for quality conversion and preamplifier design is making RedNet popular in the live sound community, with System Engineers like The Killers’ Phillip Reynolds choosing RedNet for FOH on the Battle Born World Tour.

RedNet allows the transfer of high-quality digital audio via a standard Ethernet interface, doing away with the need for expensive multiway analogue cabling. RedNet interfaces are fully-interoperable with other Dante-based audio products such as digital consoles from Yamaha, Allen & Heath and many more which you may have at your educational facility already, while at the same time providing Focusrite’s legendary studio-quality microphone preamplifiers and precision digital conversion.

RedNet offers a modular solution that can be configured exactly as required for a given application and is fully remote-controlled. Analogue signals can be brought in via RedNet’s superb DC-coupled mic preamps and instrument-level inputs, alongside digital signals as required, offering the possibility of a fully digital path from stage, to desk, to loudspeaker via Ethernet.

The range of RedNet interfaces includes eight or 16 analogue line-level ins and outs, 32 channels of digital I/O and eight of Focusrite’s ultra-transparent remote-controlled mic/line preamps.

Also included in the range are:

  • RedNet 5 -which allows any Dante system to connect directly to Pro Tools|HD via DigiLink;
  • RedNet 6 – which provides MADI I/O and sample rate conversion for any Dante system
  • RedNet Dante PCIe Card – which delivers 128 channels I/O at 96kHz sampling, with latencies as low as 1.5 ms at 96kHz.


 focusrite_rednet6 focusrite_rednet_ethernet

 Combining Focusrite’s enviable reputation for high-quality, studio grade microphone preamps and precision digital audio conversion with the high-speed Dante Ethernet audio networking system, RedNet offers a new, reliable fully Dante/MADI compatible audio interface solution for live sound.

For more information on how your live system could benefit from RedNet please contact us today, we are an authorised Focusrite Certified RedNet dealer specialising in education.


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