Prepare, Engage and Learn with Adobe – live Webinar

Being busy is part of the DNA of the modern day educational professional.   

Finding the time to self-educate on the tools of your trade in the world of teaching and learning is one of the essential factors of irritancies that regularly feature in the many causes for concern stated by educational professionals.  The answer?  Webinars. 

Webinars are indeed unlike anything else; when created, we can keep our audience engaged for hours on end, and that’s something that videos put just, struggle to do. Not only that, but our audience can also ask questions and get real-time feedback on the training and topic of conversation.  We can ask our audience questions and tailor our content in real-time to better serve the viewers, who in turn, can save the hassle of travelling when they can take part in the luxury of their preferred surroundings.  

Thanks to The Cube, the Academia Group in-house studio, we can create and produce live and pre-filmed webinars and video sessions that help educate those who are hungry to learn but are limited on time. The first of our new webinar format kicks off in May with a Prepare, Engage and Learn session with our partners from Adobe.  

Adobe Webinar  

Join us on Thursday 23rd May for one of our two webinars where we’ll be addressing how Adobe can enhance student engagement, prepare them for STEM learning and ultimately their future careers. 

The use of Adobe in the commercial world is well established, so breeding familiarity into students as they go through their education journey is essential. 

We’re lucky to have our friends from Edge Gain co-hosting this webinar, including a live Spark demo. 

We’ll be setting up a session before school (8 am) and one for after (4 pm) to allow you to participate in one that suits your day as best as possible. Each webinar will last roughly 30 minutes. 


  • Introduction – David Grant, Academia
  • Student engagement / STEM Learning – Tom Able-Green, Academia
  • How can Adobe engage students – Greg Hodgson, Edge Gain
  • Adobe Spark demo – Greg Hodgson, Edge Gain
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Register today and see how Adobe can help to engage your students. 

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