Partnership with the right supplier saves schools money

Partnership with the right supplier saves schools money

Partnerships with the right supplier means smart shopping and money saved.

Modern ICT teams are facing many more challenges than in previous years. For example, it is now not just about what equipment to buy, but also how to merge new technology into the learning environment within a tight budget. ICT teams also need to manage the devices that are being brought into schools by students, opening up future security holes.

A Partnership with the right supplier is key for technology in schools. More support is needed from suppliers. Long-term solutions are needed rather than short-term fixes that could waste a school’s vital budget.

Evaluating what tech a school already has in place should be the starting point for any technology plan. Assessing the hardware, network and software packages the school already owns could save a lot of money. It could also be a chance to build a new and more efficient solution for the school by using the equipment they already have. Lots of schools simply just discard needless devices and computers, but this hardware could be recycled or reused.

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