Joiner / Mover / Leaver Identity Management in Higher Education

This is a higher education specific webinar and demonstration giving an instructive insight to the many identity management issues encountered by educational establishments.

Onboarding, changing and offboarding students, Faculty and alumni is a tedious process and on average IT departments spend 30+ hours/week managing their user systems.

Huge rewards in productivity, security and student experience can be gained when the student office, HR and IT work together to streamline this process:

  • Universal directory of Identities
  • Automated joining.
  • Secure leaving.
  • Easy Password recovery.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

This webinar will also feature a conversation with a higher educational establishment about how they solved their many challenges of the administration and provisioning of multiple, overlapping types of identities. This will be followed be a demonisation of Okta’s solutions for education. This will be followed by a question and and answer session.

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  • Introduction
  • Okta Identity Management for Higher Education
  • Conversation with American university over their usage of Okta
    • Joiner / Leaver / Mover in higher education.
    • Handle complex education-specific identity issues such as staff also being students.
    • How to manage Alumni and other identities.
    • Why they chose Okta over Microsoft.
  • Lifecycle Management high-level architecture on how it works and how it can enable automated provisioning / de-provisioning
  • Demonstration on the flow of adding a new user in AD and how quickly software is assigned, and the user can log in.
  • Summary
  • Q&A
  • Close

Duration 60 mins.

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