Foldr for Education

Simple. Safe. Secure.

Foldr – the perfect companion to mobile device deployments for schools, colleges and universities

What is Foldr?

Foldr turns existing servers into on-premise cloud storage – in a simple, safe and secure way. It offers a solution to the problem of saving student work in a central location when using mobile devices.

For example, perhaps you’ve recently adopted mobile technology and don’t know how to access work already created on desktop PCs? You could get into complex systems such as remote desk tops or cloud storage (but there’s always a concern around data protection), or, you could simply access your work on your mobile device or from home. This is where Foldr comes in.


Foldr uses your existing user account to provide access to your home folder and shared drives. Because it’s a cross platform solution, Foldr provides simple, safe and secure file access from any device.

Why choose Foldr for education?

Simplify presentation

Foldr presents all your work in one place, so for example, even if you have work saved on a school server and in the cloud, you can view it all easily and conveniently in one location with Foldr.

Organise your work

Foldr will organise your work for you. Share work on legacy systems that your establishment has already invested in and let Foldr organise the work for you and arrange assignments by class.

Use of different devices

Foldr can help manage different devices – it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about iOS, Android or web, Foldr will give you access which is available on and off campus.

Dynamic feedback

Teachers can write, draw and feedback directly on to students’ work with Foldr. Staff can even record voice notes to explain more complicated concepts!

Why choose Foldr for education?

Access all your documents anytime and anywhere – on any device
Paperless – save money and space on printing and storage. Plus, all submitted work is neatly filed by class sets for your convenience
Foldr integrates Google’s G Suite for education with your school network
Save work directly to your network with Foldr – safeguarding you against data loss
Control and audit – Foldr keeps track of who’s accessing and sharing school documents
Video streaming – share video in class with Foldr’s streaming server – no need to wait for larger files to download

Register for our webinar !

Tuesday, 29th November

If you are part of the technical team, make yourself available for the webinar at 10am. This will be focused on things like installation, troubleshooting, etc. However, if you’re a teacher wondering how Foldr can assist you in the classroom, join us at 4pm for an educator focused session.

This webinar event has ended.


If you use Academia’s Zero Touch Servers then we run Foldr in the Cloud for you – meaning you have access to all your work, whatever device you’re using.

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