Make your tablets and laptops accessible in the classroom

Part of teaching in the digital age is making sure devices are easily accessible for teachers and students. Using Leba means tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads or other electronic devices will be fully charged, securely stored and ready to use.


Leba Innovation ensures flexible solutions are tailored to your needs. The products are tested thoroughly and meet the highest safety requirements, so you can confidently use them in all types of educational institutions. The solutions are in many cases, easily reconfigured.


Integrated charging options designed for every imaginable need whether your devices use USB-A, USB-C or an ordinary power socket. This ensures that your devices are properly charged and ready for lessons.


Robust charging and storage solutions, high quality and timeless design that will last for many years. The materials used are carefully selected for the teaching environment, and Leba guarantees a service life of their storage solutions that exceeds the service life of the devices.

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+How many devices can I store?

The Leba portfolio offers storage from 5 devices up to 50 devices.
+What devices can I store?

Tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and any other mobile devices no matter the size.
+Will the devices be charged during storage?

Yes. Devices can be charged using USB-A, USB-C or an ordinary power socket.
+How can I transport devices between classrooms?

The Leba portfolio includes portable storage solutions, either by carry case or units on wheels.

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