MacBook - Light. Years Ahead

MacBook – Light. Years ahead.

The MacBook is the smallest of Apple’s notebook range, showcasing what can be possible in such a small enclosure. So, from walking to your morning lecture to your late-night studying at a friend’s house, you can continue unplugged with no shoulder strain.


True engineering

The MacBook was engineered from the ground up to ensure each aspect was meticulously designed to make the most out of the thin and light exterior. From typing 5,000 word essays to watching the latest films, everything keeps happening fast with the latest Intel Core processors and solid state drives. With its 12-inch screen, what you achieve is all down to you.


True engineering


Why would students have a MacBook?

The MacBook gives students access to true portability with its 12-inch display, 13.1mm exterior and weighing only 900g. You can even personalize your MacBook by choosing one of four different colours: space grey, silver, gold and rose gold. But the true benefit to students is the powerful Intel Core processor and fast storage, ready to help you complete your essays faster and more efficiently.


When it’s time to stop studying, the MacBook will keep going with the latest wireless technology ready to connect to the web, transfer files, organize your photos and listen to music.

With this extra knowledge, you are now prepared to know which Apple notebook is right for you. As ever, if you have any questions, you can always reach us on Facebook, Twitter, email, and now Instagram.

If you find that you need to upgrade the processor and/or storage within the MacBook Air, Student Superstore offers custom-built MacBook Airs to suit everyone’s needs.

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