Locking it down – why securing your computer is equally as important as securing your data

Unquestionably the key message at BETT 2018 is about data security and how we must safeguard the future by protecting the present. GDPR will pay a big role in making sure that all those in Education are compliant and aware that digitally stored information must not fall into the wrong hands.

But let us not forget about the devices our data is actually stored on – the machines that we use on a daily basis are just as important to secure thanks to the rising costs of replacing.

Recognizing the importance of keeping technology safe and secure has become a pressing issue as budgets are tightened and purse strings sown up.  Kitting out an entire classroom with new PC’s or Macs, only for a nimble fingered fiend to make off with your new equipment, is not the message you want to portray as a safe establishment.

So what is the solution?

The question was posed at a recent Academia event that outlined the importance of hardware security.  Answers ranged from better locks on classroom doors, expensive camera equipment being installed and simply buying old stock that no one would want to actually steal….. Thankfully, Academia have a solution that is as straight forward as it is brilliantly advanced.

Thanks to our partners at SecurityXtra, high security, sleek designed locking docks are fast becoming the unmovable answer to any questions about safe and secure hardware. Offering solutions across Apple, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile systems, the unlimited and fully bespoke locks, docks and stands from SecurityXtra come with a satisfaction guarantee that is recommended by 100% of our current active client base.

Academia and SecurityXtra are able to provide the finest security equipment, and help safeguard your devices from anyone attempting to get their hands on your high-value items or any essential data.

For more information on how a new secure system for your hardware can benefit your classroom, please contact your Academia account manager today on or via 01992 703 900

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