Enhancing the student experience with next-gen Identity & Access Management

Academia, Micro Focus and Identity Methods are excited to invite you to a webinar focusing on the challenges and solutions of Identity Management within Higher and Further Education.

What is Identity Management?

Identity management is the process of granting or denying access to systems and applications. Simple right? No and it’s getting harder, especially for education, but why?


One obvious challenge is the sheer number of systems we need access to now, often resulting in easy to remember (and hack) credentials. Furthermore these systems/applications may reside outside our network and control, increasing risk. Education often have unique challenges, with large student populations, researchers and external users who may need varying access to systems and applications. It’s not just a case of ensuring people can access these with ease and securely, but ensuring users can only access what they need and should have rights to.


The risk of getting it wrong can impact your reputation and end user experience, resulting in data loss and potential fines.

Why attend this webinar?

Understand the challenges and potential solutions that Education establishments face when it comes to managing identities .

How to get a better return from your existing applications in regards to time savings, reduction in resource and improved security.

Understand why we feel Micro Focus offer the most holistic solution to identity management for the Education sector.

Who should attend this webinar?

Identity is a significant part of a company’s digital journey, and will only become more important as users create digital identities and slowly stop relying on traditional technologies such as passwords. This webinar event is aimed at the Higher and Further Education sector and is perfect for:

IT Managers

Infrastructure Managers

Security Managers

Anyone who has a role or interest in ensuring users (staff and students) have secure and easy access to applications and systems



  • Introduction
  • A holistic approach to Identity Management. Microfocus are one of the few vendors that cover all 4 pillars of Identity Management in Administration, Authentication, Authorisation and Auditing.
  • Digital transformation of Identity Management. Many existing solutions and processes used to manage Identity are manual, reactive and therefore less secure and time consuming. This session will identify how some existing manual processes can be automated, therefore improving the student experience and improving security.
  • Close and questions

Who are Micro Focus?

One of the biggest Technology companies in the world. You probably already use one of their software brands, without realising it.


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Who are Identity Methods?

Identity Methods are a leading provider of Identity Access Management, Identity Governance and administration solutions in the UK. With a consultancy-led approach, that delivers complete solutions, using best-of-breed products, Identity Methods offers clients end-to-end services, covering every aspect of the identity and information lifecycle.


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For further details on this event please contact David Grant at Academia via david.grant@academia.co.uk

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