Inspiring creativity and enriching the learning experience

When it comes to enhancing the learning experience, Apple’s aim is to ignite creativity in every student. The premise is that every child is born brimming with creative potential and that nurturing this precious quality is one of the most important things that educators can do.

The positive expression of creativity results in children who are better communicators and more intuitive problem-solvers. These abilities ensure that children become adults who are able to thrive in today’s fast-paced, competitive world, and to help shape the world before them.

Apple creates resources to help educators make this a reality. It starts with powerful products, and extends also to tools, and curriculums, as well as resources and inspiration to help guide magical learning experiences and make every moment of education screen time both enjoyable and immersive.

iPad is playing a big role in helping educators realise this vision. Education establishments around the world use iPad to foster creativity and enhance the overall learning experience. It’s an engaging, hand-on approach that gives the learning process so much more impact and relevance, especially in a world that is

largely digitally driven. In fact, since Apple launched iPad in 2010, millions have found their way into classrooms and lecture halls globally.

The results have been impressive too, across primary, secondary and even tertiary education. Many institutions have reported an improvement in academic performance with Apple in the frame. It’s resulted in enhanced student motivation and engagement and even had a positive effect on cost savings and resource efficiencies.

Ultimately, Apple’s focus in any classroom setting is to facilitate a more powerful learning relationship between educators and students with enriching products, insightful ideas, and flexible tools that fire the imagination and spark creativity at every step along the learning journey.

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