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How sharing is making university life much easier

Generations before the millennials probably remember their university life well, as well as the obstacles that came with it. Some were easy to overcome – where to get the best pizza or when the next party was – others proved more difficult: where to start to get all the relevant study materials, and what information was covered in the class that was ‘missed’. Remember, these were the times before smartphones, whatsapp and an omnipotent internet. You missed a lesson, you missed the information, therefore needed to sweet-talk a fellow student who would share his or her handouts and written notes with you. The same went for homework, essays and other content you had to provide the tutor. If you missed the deadline to physically hand it in, you would probably would get a “missed course” instead of a great grade.

Nowadays everyone works with laptops, PC, smartphones or tablets to get their university workload done but it takes a bit more than just the device and an internet connection to be efficient and never miss out. Both sides, staff and students alike, see the necessity to access coursework, reports and other content 24/7, whilst IT have the need for complete control to ensure security and maintain compliance. This is where Acronis comes in. Thanks to universities’ forward thinking and solutions like Acronis Access Advanced the days of FoMO (Fear of Missing Out) are over – at least when study content is concerned.

Acronis Access Advanced allows access, sync and share content from file servers, NAS, SharePoint, EMC Documentum, Alfresco and other CMIS sources. The software lets users easily sync and share files from anywhere, anytime and from any device (PCs, Macs, smartphones, or tablets). Therefore, staff and students can share and search for coursework and reports and other content via iOS but also Android, and Windows phones and tablets.

The solution makes everyone more efficient because information can be shared, worked on and synchronised from literally any location and device. Students can make their mobile devices a roaming workspace and staff members can share vital information as soon as they create it and don’t have to wait until the next class. Everyone always has the latest version of a document thanks to built-in Microsoft Office document creation, editing and PDF annotation, and documents don’t need to be downloaded but can be read in a web browser first. And best of all university IT staff won’t need to be a rocket scientist to maintain and administer the solution to ensure it is safe and compliant. IT can enforce security compliance and best practice policies while fully supporting student and staff mobility.

In summary all relevant university files and content are at the user’s fingertips. Staff and students can work when and where they need with their preferred device. Sharing has never been easier and safer, taking away the burdens of university life and thus freeing up more time for other interesting things: where to get the best pizza and when and where the next party is.

Allowing users to work where and when they need, with the device they have at hand.

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