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Healthy Body leads to a Healthy Mind – Why Academia are getting fit for summer

In the breakneck world of Technology Innovation, the average Academia staff member could have anywhere between 30 and 100 projects pending on their office desktop workspace. Such is the great demand for customer support, our teams are dedicated to achieving as much as they can in a normal working day.

Seem excessive? Not at all! When working with huge partners like Apple, HP, Microsoft, Google and Adobe our teams are on hand to learn all there is to know about the latest in technology upgrades and insights so that they can be ready to answer all impending questions for our customers.

So how do we do it? How does the team keep active and stress-free with so much to do?

At Academia, we are a strong believer in the philosophy ‘Healthy Body = Healthy Mind’.  This is where our Human Resources and Marketing teams collaborate to support all staff with inside and out of work activity and motivation that makes them a happy bunch to work with.

Get Fit For Summer is our company goal where employees can achieve personal development points for being active in and out of the office. We have found that staff are more motivated to care for our customers if they feel they are being cared for themselves. It is a cycle that evolves as we grow.

How can YOU get fit and stress-free in the office?

Simple, follow our stress-free guide to healthy office life:

  • Act – Rather than React to problems
  • Take a Deep Breath – or count to 10 before responding to an issue
  • Eliminate Interruptions – Make it YOUR time
  • Schedule – Plan your day to include breaks and focus points
  • Cool Down – control body temperature with right clothing and heating
  • Influence Others – be a beacon to your staff
  • Eat well – eat when hungry only
  • Adapt and Comply – Change can be for the greater good

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