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Sustainability is quite rightly a hot topic in today’s world, and technology will play a crucial role in helping your organisation reduce your environmental footprint. Reducing paper consumption can have a huge impact when we consider the amount of wood and water used in production, as well as CO2 emissions from transporting and delivering paper.

Our guide to going paperless

Build a team and share the vision

It is important stakeholders buy in to the vision to proactively support the change. We recommend building a team which has representation from all major parts of the organisation with clear roles and responsibilities.

 Identify your processes

What processes currently involve paper? This can be easy to identify for some, but in a larger more complex organisations you may need a process mining solution to help map out current processes. See the graphic below for common use cases of digital signatures within education:

Consider compliance

You may be required to hold certain data for a specific period, and this may have to be a physical copy. Where possible; store digitally and only print when needed. If you do need to keep hard copies, then perhaps look at our sustainable print solutions.

Utilise PDF technology

PDF technology such as Adobe Acrobat can allow you to switch processes in a fast and cost-effective manner. Acrobat’s latest version includes basic digital signature functionality to further reduce the need to print.

Digitally sign!

Accelerate processes, save time, and deliver a better end user experience without printing a thing! These tools can help expedite manual tasks such as staff on boarding, contract signing, order processing – in short, any process that has historically been paper based.

Furthermore, Adobe Sign are offering a range of promotions making your return on investment even greater and another reason to make the leap now. Speak to our team today to find out more about sustainable paperless solutions for you.

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